February 26, 2020

Our Amazing K9 Kare CBD Review 3

K9 Kare is a local pet CBD business, that we use for our dog Daisy. So the last time my husband stayed in the hospital for a long time, Daisy destroyed EVERYTHING just about. She has started back up since he has been back in the hospital – as to be expected.

We were prepared this time around. Only I did not give her the CBD like I was supposed to. Daisy is our shelter rescue and we have had her roughly a year or at least coming up on a year.

Since having her we have noticed she has got some severe anxiety and fears, among other things.

K9 Kare

This week I’ve noticed her becoming more fearful, freezing and peeing on herself. I have to literally move her myself. Even Kaleb has noticed that when she is alone or loses sight of her human she will freak out completely.

K9 Kare at Camp Cypress

In the past, she has destroyed every single one of our son’s toys and even chewed the base of a window.

 I work for Camp Cypress Dog Retreat where we provide these CBD products to animals who may need them during their stay…yes some of them do use CBD every day to better get around or keep them calm. It works! I have witnessed our super high strung dogs become super calm and easy with just a few CBD treats.

I have witnessed some of our senior dogs go from lame and stiff to playful and romping around like they were young again. So Kaleb and I decided to try K9 Kare CBD products out on Daisy.

 In the few weeks of having her on the oil, we have noticed how she is calmer and relaxed when we leave. We have noticed that she no longer has problems climbing onto furniture.

Our Amazing K9 Kare CBD Review 5
K9 Kare CBD Full Spectrum Oil

Except for this week, this week I have been so preoccupied that I haven’t been giving her the doses she needs. It has completely slipped my mind. Last night and tonight have been for sure reminders as to why she needed it.

 Uncontrollable shaking, submissive peeing, destroying things, freezing and all-out panic attacks is why we opted to put her on CBD, to begin with. I do not know anything about her past except for what the shelter intake paper says- that she was a stray.. but her behavior speaks volumes about her past.

 Do not think for a second that these animals in the shelter do not remember the things they have been put through or experienced.

I am just super thankful that K9 Kare just stumbled into our lives because this stuff really does make a difference in our pet’s lives.

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85 / 100
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