April 19, 2020

The Buddy Bandana
Buddy Bandana

The Buddy Bandana

The Buddy Bandana is a company I found on Instagram! They sell matching dog and owner products such has bandanas and hair scrunchies or head bands. They were founded in Boston in 2019.



The Buddy Bandana's mission is to donate to save shelter dogs nationwide. Roughly 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized in shelters each year. 670,000 of that being dogs.

They donate to no kill shelters to help save dogs and feature one lucky dog each month that they have saved.

The Buddy Bandana

Product Review

We received our first Buddy Bandana in the mail the other day. I'll be honest here, I was a little worried that the bandana size I chose wouldn't fit Dutch properly.

Any other collar I have bought Dutch was too small for him even though he is a small breed. I went ahead and purchased a small size anyways, just in case they ran a little larger. 

Well when we finally received it, I was surprised to learned that these bandanas are cut perfectly. They are long enough that I had plenty of extra space to tie it on him incase his neck was a bit too broad.

(He is very stout and normal small collars are too small for his neck.) It wasn't too tight or too large, it fits just perfectly on him!

 Lastly, the fabric is GREAT quality and durable! These photos do not to the bandana justice as far as how beautiful the colors are!

Brand Ambassador: Dutch

This is Dutch. He is a 7 month old Miniature Dachshund! Dutch is what they call a Chocolate Merle! He is as spunky as he is handsome!

By far the best dog I have ever owned! This handsome fella loves attention and just being close to you. He also LOVES food! 

Dutch 2

He only puts up with having his photo taken but then he gets board and begins to roll and act all goofy! Dutch is the best boy and he loves checking out new products! Stay tuned for more of Dutch's products reviews coming soon!

Do you like his Buddy Bandana? Check out The Buddy Bandana HERE! Use code 'Hay' to receive 40% OFF your purchase!

81 / 100
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