March 22, 2020

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 3

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 5
Photo Cred: Jolie Banks – Owner

About This Infamous Bordeaux

Meet Zydeco the BRB (Big Red Butthole)! Zydeco is a one year old Dogue de Bordeaux from Louisiana. He lives at Camp Cypress Dog Retreat which is one of the largest and nicest dog boarding facilities in the Shreveport/Bossier area!

Zydeco belongs to Jolie and Jim Banks. He is probably what I would describe as everything your typical Bordeaux is not, and I mean that jokingly. Before working at Camp Cypress I have never had the privilege of ever meeting a Bordeaux in person. Turns out, Bordeauxs are actually very impressive dogs. He is probably the most even tempered breed I have come across to date. Of course every breed has there trigger points but so far has been a pretty good wrinkly faced boy.

When they say Bordeauxs are great with children they mean it. Literally, Zydeco is amazing with small children! I have a two year old named Parrish who just loves dogs, and upon meeting Zydeco for the first time it was like they have found each other as new best friends right there on the spot. They both laid in the floor, Parrish giggling while Zydeco laid next to him nuzzling him and soaking up all the attention.

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 6
Parrish and Zydeco
Photo Cred: myself

The Big Red Butthole

Zydeco also has his quirky moments. Like it seems like every time I happen to be there he does something crazy. For example, pooping on the fireplace hearth. Why? I have no idea, he knows better but like I mentioned he is a BRB (Big Red Butthole)! Now this hearth is a good two feet off the floor, it’s amazing how he manages to pull off that stunt! No, it’s not something we approve of but think about it. That is surely some BRB skill right there! Zydeco was nicknamed BRB and Baby Hippo by his pet parents.

He recently has had another quirky moment that Mrs. Jolie shared. Zydeco apperently knew how much Mrs. Jolie hated this bed frame, so he decided he was going to help better persuade Mr. Jim to get her a new one! Again, let’s put an emphasis on the fact that this isnt allowed in the Banks home but – BRB right?

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 7
BRB Move Right There!
Photo Cred: Jolie Banks – Owner

Seriously though, Zydeco is a great dog. He is always happy to see anyone who walks in and we are always greeted with slobber strings all over our legs where he rubs his face across.

Zydecos most favorite toy is a Jolly Ball. He can entertain himself all day long with his jolly ball. It is a sight to see him take off running, trip over it, and then finally pick it up and toss it into the air for himself to catch. My favorite part is watching him trip over his Jolly Ball and face plant the ground!

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 8
Photo Cred: Jolie Banks – Owner

Also if you have ever seen a wrinkly faced boy run, then you know that in itself is priceless.

Zydeco The Infamous Bordeaux 9
Photo Cred: Jolie Banks – Owner

Zydeco is a goofy boy, his favorite snack is Cheez-Its, but if the Cheez-It is sitting on a raised feeder he literally will not go anywhere near it. He would rather stand six feet away and drool over the sight of his favorite snack. He also dislikes the vacuum cleaner, and luggage strollers. He likes to bark at them while standing several feet away.

All in all I really enjoy Zydeco. Everyday he is doing something new to spruce up all of our lives. He is by far the sweetest, most gentle dog I have met that is not my own. He is truly a face you look forward to seeing every chance you get.

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Enjoy some photos of his many expressions and him as a cute puppy!

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Dogue de Bordeaux
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